Franchise Opportunity To Make Great Money

AEL Legal has been operating as a specialist Credit Management firm for over 15 years and currently provides Credit Management services to over 3000 clients. Our clients range from the small single operator tradesman to large multi-national companies.

AEL Legal is in the business of helping organisations, both large and small to reduce the cost of managing overdue accounts. We can help any company that offers credit terms to improve their cashflow.

The AEL Legal Black BookTM is a cost effective means to introduce the concept of a third party to address slow paying accounts before they turn into bad debts. This allows our clients to get on with their business, and is an effective means to obtain payment from slow paying accounts without upsetting an otherwise good relationship.

The AEL Legal Franchise Opportunity

Every year slow paying customers are costing New Zealand businesses thousands of dollars in lost interest, time, focus, and profitability. AEL Legal has developed a unique way to assist such business manage their slow paying accounts using the AEL Legal Black BookTM.

AEL Legal is seeking high calibre franchisees with sales experience to operate the sales and customer service function of the business.

The focus of an AEL Legal franchise is sales and customer service. Once a client has purchased an AEL Legal Black BookTM the role of the Franchisee is to maintain contact as appropriate to develop the relationship. AEL Legal manages the actual collection process. As a result, franchisees are free to concentrate on sales and customer service, which is how they generate income.

In addition to the initial training, Franchisees are supported by an internet based Customer Relations Management System, a Franchise management Manual, regular contact with the Franchise Service Office (FSO) and the wealth of experience the AEL Legal team has gained over the years.

In comparison to starting a business from scratch, investing in a Franchise is considerably different.

As a Franchisee, you are neither, a partner nor involved in a joint venture with the Franchisor. You are an entirely independently owned and operated business.

It is your business, but you are licensed to use our systems, brand, trademarks, and access our intellectual property. We benefit when you are successful, so it is in our interest to help you to establish, operate, and expand your business.


In order to successfully operate a Franchise system it is essential that both parties fully understand each other’s roles and obligations.

Our commitment to you

In addition to allowing you exclusive use of our systems and brand, our obligations include:

Your commitment to us

Developing the AEL Legal brand

The Benefits

Proven Business Model

With over 15 years experience in the industry, the sustainability of the AEL Legal business model is self evident.


We have designed the AEL Legal Franchise system to ensure that our Franchisees have the potential to generate serious levels of profitability. The structure of the business model and the income sharing arrangements provide the Franchisees with the incentive and the means to generate income.

Low overheads and high income generating potential make this an extremely enticing business opportunity.


We are committed to provide the systems, business support services and advice to enable you to operate a financially successful AEL Legal Franchise in your area.


All the benefits of owning your own business while enjoying the additional advantages of a mutual support network where we will actively encourage you to succeed

Simplicity of Operation

The AEL Franchise is not a complicated business. The sales process involves the Franchisees, or a telemarketer securing appointments, making a 15 - 20 minute presentation to the key decision maker, closing the sale, and after-sales contact as appropriate to build the relationship. (The better the relationship, the better the chances of repeat business.)

Unique Product

There is no other product or service for managing overdue accounts that is as cost effective as the AEL Legal Black BookTM. The client pays no joining fee, nor are they charged a percentage on monies collected, and we guarantee our results in writing.

Is Franchising right for you?

Before considering taking the AEL Legal Franchise opportunity any further, it is worthwhile for you to take the time to consider if franchising is indeed the right option for you. Please consider the following points carefully before deciding to continue:

Am I able to operate under someone else’s guidelines?

As a franchisee, you will be working within a clearly defined set of procedures and codes of practice. Whilst it is your business, you are licensed to operate our system, and follow our customer service standards.

We set the standards, rules, operating procedures, and guidelines.

Although you will own your own business, you will not be free to run it however you wish, but rather be subject to our rules (for example customer service standards), which are designed to benefit the entire network. In many ways this is why you pay a franchise premium – so you can use our system.

The AEL Legal Franchise Agreement protects the interests of both parties and provides us with appropriate mechanisms to deal with any wayward franchisees.

This is the way that we can effectively protect the AEL Legal brand and both the franchisees’ and franchisor’s investment.

Am I fully committed to supporting and following the system?

A huge part of our success has been achieved by our determination to follow the system. Your business will only prosper if you are committed to following the AEL Legal system.

How can I grow my business?

As a part of your initial training, we will be discussing a variety of business development options. However, the best way that you can grow your business is by following the system, ensuring that your appointments are well qualified (establish the need) and ensure that you are meeting with the key decision maker. Once a sale has been secured, ongoing contact with the client ensures that they are optimising the use of the AEL Legal Black BookTM, and increases the chances of repeat business.

Financial rewards follow personal commitment and hard work. Please remember that it is in our interests to help you grow your business. We will provide you with guidance and advice throughout your Franchise term in order to achieve that aim.

If I am thinking about going into business, why should I consider with a Franchise?

Research has indicated that a Franchise business has a greater chance of success (survival) than a non-franchised equivalent.

Also, when it comes time to sell your business, the evidence suggests that you will get more goodwill if you are a part of a Franchise rather than an independent operator.

We have developed the systems based on 25 years of experience to help you build your own successful business. We have learnt from our mistakes and are able to pass on the benefit of our learning to you.

Is the franchisor responsible for my success?

You will receive a great deal of support from AEL Legal, but your success ultimately depends on your own commitment and drive.

It is in our best interests for you to do well and your individual success will be positive for the entire group. You can expect us to provide a high level of support, advice, and encouragement, but at the end of the day, it is your business.

For more information please call Wal Britton, Managing Director on (09) 921 4353.