Privacy Statement

The information we use is obtained from carefully scrutinised sources that comply fully with the requirements of the Privacy Act. We believe in and respect this important legislation, and our own business activities are strictly governed by its principles.

Privacy Act Overview

The Privacy Act promotes and protects individual privacy. It has established privacy principles in relation to:

  1. The collection, use and disclosure by public and private sector agencies, of information relating to individuals
  2. The access by each individual to, and correction of, information relating to them which is held by public and private agencies.

The Privacy Act accordingly established 12 information principles;

Where does this information come from?

AEL Legal and Accounts Enforcement Limited collects personal information directly from the person concerned, from our subscribers (who are banks, finance houses and other credit providers), or from public sources.

Our subscribers may supply your name, addresses, and date of birth, gender, employer, occupation and the type of account applied for. Details may also be provided relating to the conduct of your account.

We also use information from public sources such as Court records and newspapers, and other publicly available publications and databases.

What information do we not hold?

We do not hold any non-business-related details about you including your:

How do Accounts Enforcement Limited use and store my information?

We may use your information for the following purposes:

Personal information is stored electronically.

We ensure that confidentiality is maintained, that the information is stored securely and the information is used only for those purposes for which it was obtained.

We also employ sophisticated electronic security systems to record any authorised user that accesses or views your personal information.

Please contact with any question.